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Cowboy Clip Art -- Clip Art FAQ
(Frequently Asked Questions)

Are all of the images free to use?
Yes, indeed! All of our art is free for you to download and use in any way you want.

What is clip art?
Clip art is another name for ready-to-use graphics that you can save to your computer and use in many ways, both online and offline.

What can I use your clip art for?
Clip art can be used in graphic design, in publications such as magazines and newsletters, and online in blogs, web sites, e-mail messages, and more. Clip art is a great way to spice up your on and offline documents. Need more ideas? Think business cards, t-shirts, games, stationery, marketing and advertising, your business packaging, labels, and logos.

How do I download images from your site?
Just put the mouse over the image you want to save and right click on that image. Then choose "save image as" and put it in the directory of your choice. The image is then stored on your computer.

Can I use the clip art images for free?
Yes, all of our graphics are free for use.

What are your terms of use?
All clip art and graphics shown on this site are in the public domain. These graphics come from public clip art sites and user contributions. So far as we know, none are bound by copyright restrictions. If you see a graphic that you know to be under copyright on the site, notify us, and we will remove it immediately.

Can I link directly to an image?
No, please do not link directly to an image. We pay for our bandwidth, and it costs us extra when people link to our graphics rather than downloading them. We change the file names periodicaly to combat bandwidth thef

Can I have an image customized? Can you make it in a higher resolution?
No, we do not offer customization. You're welcome to make modications to any of the graphics on the site. In order to edit an image, you will need image editing software and experience.

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